Frank Rogalla

After his studies of Environmental Engineering in Germany, Frank Rogalla obtained an MSc degree as a Fulbright student in the US and has worked at major companies in the private utility sector worldwide, primarily in research and innovation, for nearly three decades. Specialized in advanced technology for water treatment and reuse, Frank holds a handful of groundbreaking patents and was instrumental in bringing high rate treatment systems to full scale for the first time in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, UK, US and Venezuela. Currently, Frank leads a group of 30 researchers at Aqualia, Spain, in association with over 50 universities and research centers around the world in the development of processes in nutrient and bioenergy recovery, algae biofuel or fertilizers, sustainable desalination or reuse as well as smart management of infrastructure. His role is to bring concepts from the lab to full, reducing the environmental footprint and improving the sustainability of water cycles.