Time Series Analysis For Lotto Previous Draws

Preeviously, I told you to analyze the last about 50-60 or more previous draws of one particular lotto system. And you have done it. Now I want you to understand what you have done and why. You analyzed a sequence of data from the system you have chosen, exactly how it happened at successive times, spaced at uniform time intervals by each live draw. Time series analysis is a method for analyzing time data in order to extract meaningful characteristics of the data. And you have done a model of it. Now forecasting means to use this model to forecast future events based on known past events.

Therefore, what you have done has a natural temporal ordering as you can see it. This makes time series analysis distinct from any other common methods. Your time series model will generally reflects the fact that your observations, close together in time, will be of special importance and request a special attention. The value for a given period of time will be expressed totally from the past value and after this can be applied to a future evaluation. You used, in fact, two techniques, whether or not you know it. The first technique is the frequency of drawn numbers analysis and the second technique is the time influence on drawing the numbers.

The frequency of drawn numbers is one of the most important factors in lotto progress. It is also a tool used to discover the repetitive character of lotto system. The numbers repetition is a result of lotto function. Now what you need to discover is the articulation point between the factor time with factor frequency. Around this point, always will be those numbers that have a high potential to be drawn next time. It is worth to harness the power of a frequency model because you can to get a lot of indicators which show you more numbers likely to be drawn soon in the near future. Remember that, nevertheless, the frequency factor can show you what will happen, only for a short period of time because the many changes that occur in this system frequently. However, your serious empirical investigations will have the big advantage when you use predictions based on a model in which both two factors are involved, the time and the frequency .

In forecasting and analysis of a lotto system, it is well demonstrated that learning every lotto function model, will be of a necessity for any practical application. Unfortunately, this method is not as widely used as it should to be for giving the great advantage it can offer. It seems that the complexity of the lotto system and often time- consuming nature of this procedure, imposed a barrier between the method and its use. However I expect from you to have more patience in order to profit often from your lotto system and to avoid a waste of money and energy.


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