Change often happens when the simple and the complex collide. When a shift in perspective allows us to see differently and create a new connection.

When the previously complex suddenly becomes clear. When a simple change causes a huge impact.

Let’s discover together what inspiring things can be done when we search for those new connections. When we are open to discovering something different. When we realize that simple changes can have a big impact and even the most complex challenges can be solved if we only work together.

Become one of the speakers of TEDxIEMadrid 2018

Do you love giving speeches and believe that you have a message to share with the public that will inspire transformation? If yes, now is the perfect chance for you to become one of the main speakers of TEDxIEMadrid 2018: Simplexity on June! To participate, please send us a 2-minute video talking about your most impactful story until 20 April.

Who is organizing TEDxIEMadrid?

TEDxIEMadrid is a student-run event organized at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain with a clear aim: we are looking to inspire students, alumni, and our community by offering them a platform, from which to engage with speakers that are currently transforming our society.

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