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How will our relationship with technology evolve? What will the impact of such socio-technological changes be? We are more wired than ever, but are we less connected? Is virtual going to be the new reality? And most importantly: is the future of humanities still human?


Change often happens when the simple and the complex collide. When a shift in perspective allows us to see differently and create a new connection. When the previously complex suddenly becomes clear. When a simple change causes a huge impact.

2017 – The New Normal

We are connected 24/7, but more alone than ever. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, but run the risk of losing sight of today’s challenges. We have an unlimited amount of information, but lose the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. How do we adapt to these changing circumstances? How do we wrap our heads around realities we could not even imagine a few years ago? What is normal in this changing world? Do universal truths exist that are here for the duration? And what influence do our personal assumptions and biases have in how we perceive “normal”?

2016 – Why not?

We all went through a stage when growing up where curiosity sparked…we started to question the norms and our most frequent question was “Why?” This curiosity might have driven our parents crazy but was a pivotal point in our development where we start learning more about the world, the things we can and can’t do and other common social norms. However, at some point for many of us asking the question of “why” starts to happen less frequently…but why does this happen and how can we change this?

2015 – Shaking up the Order

“If you want truly to understand something, try to change it.” – Kurt Lewin

Let’s Shake Up the Order… so that we can understand what is, but more importantly what could be. We want to bring the status quo back to the drawing board, and turn the world on its head.